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Review Laurie Cederberg

Doctor Speciality: Family / General
Evaluation: : -4
Monday, April 19, 2010, 3:37:21 PM
Dr. Laurie Cederberg of Doyle Park Family Medicine was my wife's general doctor for many years but she was way in over her head when she attempted to deliver our first baby. Being our first child my wife and I didn't know any difference in how the delivery should proceed but the frustrated delivery room nurses finally got a OBGYN involved who quickly took control of the long and complicated delivery.

Dr. Laurie Cederberg was equally incompetent in handling my wife's onset of severe postpartum depression by letting it go too long untreated. Dr. Cederberg finally gave up trying to convince me it was simply a case of the baby blues after my wife could no longer walk, speak or eat. We have very good health insurance and Dr. Cederberg's final contact with us was a phone call from her office staff referring us to the county mental ward to deal with my wife's postpartum depression. After that she would no longer returned my calls.

Out of desperation I called my personal doctor who jumped in. My wife was sent to the emergency room and admitted to the hospital in what the emergency room doctors described as a vegetative state. My doctor refereed my wife to a psychiatrist who provided the proper care she needed to recover. Recovery required several days in the hospital followed by weeks of initial recovery to enable her to care of herself and months before she could care for our new child.

Dr. Cederberg may be okay for your most basic care needs but be very careful with any type of urgent care needs as she is not a competent doctor. I cant express how poorly she handled both of these critical situations and blatantly stopped caring for my wife when she needed care most. A referral to a specialist was all it would have taken to properly handle both situations. In both cases it took others to step in to rectify Dr. Cederberg's incompetence.

To this day I cant figure out why she acted as she did. I can only guess that she either doesn't know when she's in over her head or doesn't want to admit when she is in over her head. In either case this makes her a poor care provider.

My advice to you is don't put your health at jeopardy. There are too many good doctors available to put your health at risk with the incompetence of Dr. Laurie Cederberg.
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