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Review 7 Eleven Food S

8319 Old Keene Mill RD


22152, United States
☎  (703) 866-0904
Evaluation: : 3
Thursday, May 27, 2010, 5:37:54 AM
I've "not-never" (like, RARELY, or ONCE I may recall, barely) had a problem of a small nature at a 7-11, HOWEVER, what this company is doing in terms of innovation and in terms of "getting" and "getting with" some of its employees, from what I can tell, is doing an above par job! I applaud their roles on television and their newest (as far as I know) ad on TV campaign. I don't even recall EXACTLY "WHAT" the ad "said", but most importantly, I recall the MESSAGE! I also recall the BRAND, in this case the 7 with the eleven accompanied close-by. This store chain has been a true convenience for many Americans, and the ONLY thing about THAT which I could comment on is that 7-11 DOES, in a "deep thinking, rather profound or philosophical" way, tends to add to our ALREADY grown-up and out of control teenager-going-on-21 called "Americans' INSTANT GRATIFICATION". He is really tough to control, APPARENTLY!! However, it's not as if 7-11 is truly to blame for that!! I make NO claim to that; I'm merely saying that if ya RILLY wan' sumpin', weeal, ya miaht's whell git-it thar! HAHA, naw, but my point is that I like 7-11 to be "smallish" because at least it's NOT Like you're filling up on gas and then decide with your CREDIT CARD that you'll go ahead and buy 10 donuts AND the donut MACHINE & WARMER, with a side of the old video game classic being sold out-back, while you stuff it in your HUGE SUV or TRUCK & then figure on just payin that sucker off in oh, whenever. After all, for some of us, we could just later on default on them thar lones; who cares, right? It's just like 7 years bad luck, ain't it? Hmmm... NO...The ONLY "sucker" here is "you" who has a big shiny CREDIT CARD and gets everything in sight due to our beliefs hardwired into our brains (we're technically brainwashed, duh) that we GREAT Americans can live in exuberant debt usually caused by this INSTANT GRATIFICATION thing in all capital letters here. But even my soapbox gets slippery, so I best go preach another place now : )p~
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