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Review Kendall Hahn Attorneys At Law

220 N Range Line RD


46032, United States
☎  (317) 816-6060
Evaluation: : -4
Saturday, April 14, 2012, 11:04:13 PM

A search for justice leads to more injustice

In March 2009, my fiance was pulled over for a DUI in Muncie, IN. Four officers beat him up and turned off their dash cams and threatened witnesses. My fiance did not get medical attention in jail despite our pleas. When he was released an MRI was done and emergency back surgery. We found Mr. Kendall in Aug 2009. He seemed to have a good record and despite misgivings about lawyers and the system we decided to trust Mr. Kendall to protect our civil rights and give us justice. We did not have money, the incident with the police left us deep in poverty. Mr. Kendall said we could help pay towards fees by doing computer work. My fiance did thousands in computer work while very sick from injuries and recovery. We were becoming skeptical as we still did not have a contract. Mr. Kendall said "we could win enough money for a private island".He also said he "was going to meet with 5 prominent people from Muncie to talk about a settlement." This was the last we heard. We believe the ugly situation had gotten uglier and he was paid off. My fiance and I knew there was nothing we could do in this system and tried to move on. Now, Steven's condition is deteriorating from the previous injuries. If we could have received the money, Steven could have got good medical care and rest but instead still tried to support me and the 3 children. Now, I am trying to do Steven's detail job, my two jobs, take care of 3 children and Steven. Still in poverty and not able to do it all Steven tries to help and it breaks my heart to see him so sick and pale. I keep trying to email and call Mr Kendall as well as Muncie Police Dept. They have created a life long problem and as the creators of the problem I try and put it back on them by keeping them posted on our daily pain and suffering. I have tried to get Mr. Kendall to make things right. He has expolited, the poor and sick all the while acting as if he is trying to help and protect. This is fraud to say the least.



Resolution Attempt

The incident happened in 2009. I have tried for 3yrs to resolve the issue. My emails and calls have been ignored. Now, I have decided to tell people about it.

Advice to the clients

Well, I would advise people not to go to Mr. Kendall. He has helped people in the past but for some reason he took advantage of us when we were most vulnerable. If anyone does seek help get a contract right away.

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