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Bill Monning -2

Ca state senator for 17th district

William "Bill" Monning is an American educator, lawyer, and politician. He currently serves in the California State Senate representing the 17th district, encompassing the Central Coast. He previously served in the California State Assembly, representing the 27th district, which included portions of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara Counties.

Prior to his service in the state legislature, Monning was a professor at the Monterey College of Law and a professor of International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He is the former president and co-founder of Global Majority, Inc., an organization committed to education, training and advocacy in the field of non-violent conflict resolution.

Contribution into the problem of Forced Vaccination (California SB277 mandates vaccination): as a California State Senator
Voted on senate floor for the bill and made it pass
Contribution into the problem of Forced Vaccination (California SB792 mandates vaccination): as a California State Senator
Voted on senate floor for the bill and made it pass


-4 Oct 9, 2012, 10:55:18 PM

Public schools will now become Merck’s Gardasil marketing department.

Public schools will now become Merck’s Gardasil marketing department. This promises to dwarf the controversy over Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Gardasil mandate. What does this bill do? It allows 12 year old children to be vaccinated in schools without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Before consenting to receive this vaccine in schools, kids should read page 11 of the 30 page Gardasil package insert which includes death as an adverse event reported during post-approval use of Gardasil (among other serious neurological and immunological adverse events as well as deep vein thrombosis). This ridiculous and corrupt vaccine bill is a major overreach by Merck and has the potential to injure and kill numerous unsuspecting California public school students. The Gardasil bill could therefore ultimately become a Vioxx-style issue (Vioxx killed about 40,000 people, FDA estimate reported by David Michaels, OSHA chief) — which thoroughly discredits US vaccination policy and sparks a greater public backlash agains... (more)
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